ED HEARN with Gene Frenette


Foreword by George Brett


An autobiography of Ed Hearn's life story, with Inside Pitches that discuss principles applicable to everyday life.


6 x 9    4 Color Dust Jacket on Hard Cover    252 pages w/ 12 page color photo section

Publisher’s Suggested Retail Price:  $22.95

1st printing 1996

2nd printing 1997

3rd printing 2004




To inspire others with a story of courage, faith and motivation. To encourage others

to overcome challenges and experience happiness and fullness in their own lives.


      It has become very evident that with all the challenges we face in our society today, people are wanting and needing to hear words of encouragement and inspiration.  And, since our nation seems to hold professional athletes in such high esteem, Ed feels they have a tremendous opportunity to positively impact the lives of many people.

      Conquering Life’s Curves will give you a new outlook on life and what it takes to reach those goals which seem so impossible to achieve. At the end of each chapter, Hearn gives you “The Inside Pitch” in which he relates stories and opinions on such topics as Family, Faith, Marriage Vows, Paying the Price for Success, Perseverance, Role Models and Living Your Dream.  He then weaves them into a recipe for living a championship life.


Story Synopsis


“From the Penthouse to the Outhouse and Back"


      In May of 1986, after 8 1/2 years in the minor leagues, Ed Hearn finally reached the apex of his childhood dreams as a member of the 1986 World Champion New York Mets.  After a superb rookie season as a catcher for the Mets, he was traded to the Kansas City Royals for a young pitcher named David Cone.  Shortly into that season he was felled by a shoulder injury which would eventually require major reconstructive surgery.  Following this operation, he spent the next 3 years attempting a comeback while bouncing back and forth between the Major and Minor Leagues.

      But in the Spring of 1991, it became obvious to Ed that there would be no more opportunities for him in baseball.  It was a crushing blow to have such a promising career end because of injury, but he did not dwell on his misfortune, instead choosing to make a strong transition into the "real world."

      Just three short months after he began his new career in the business world, Ed was diagnosed with three very serious and potentially life threatening illnesses which made his shoulder injury pale by comparison.  He had gone from being a big, strong professional athlete to a man who was too weak to get out of bed without assistance.

      Today, after a successful kidney transplant, and with the aid of a breathing machine each night, a $3,000 IV treatment each month, and $40,000 of medication per year, Ed Hearn has comeback to live a life which is truly an inspiration to all those around him.  As a professional speaker, his courage, faith and motivation speak volumes to each of us as we face life's challenges in pursuit of the happiness and success we all desire.

      Gleaming from a lifetime of reaching for the top of life's mountain while experiencing the pits of it's deepest valleys, Ed Hearn shares a wit and wisdom about life usually reserved for those much further along in years.  Certainly his celebrity status of being a former Major League ballplayer initially attracts many to ask him to speak, but be it young or old, executive or blue-collar worker, his audiences walk away remembering him not so much as an athlete, but more as a man who has had a dramatic affect on the way they view their own lives and challenges they face.  They speak of being uplifted and inspired with a renewed spirit of hope and motivation to pursue victory in all areas of their lives no matter what the challenge or adversity.